Becca Goletz

A running injury is what led Becca to her first yoga class while attending college in Burlington, VT back in 2007. Since then she has maintained a consistent yoga practice, and graduated with her 200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training at Breathing Room in New Haven. Becca has a passion for sharing her love of yoga and the positive effects it has had on her with others. She continues to seek out additional education through trainings and deepening her own practice by diving into the depths of yoga beyond the physical. After teaching at various studios across Fairfield and New Haven County and helping lead commUNITYmovement throughout the Northeast, a national endeavor committed to bringing yoga, movement and mindfulness practices to communities in inclusive, accessible and unique ways, she has decided to open her own studio!  Becca is excited to begin this journey to foster a community of new and veteran Yogi's out of her studio in Norwalk, CT. When she isn't on her mat, she can be found enjoying live music, hiking with her dog Bodhi, or cooking in the kitchen!


Nina Antolino

Nina was introduced to yoga and meditation almost 20 years ago as she searched for a way to 'slow down' and find balance in her fast-paced career.  After being diagnosed with a chronic illness and forced to take a short term medical leave, she attended her first week-long Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction class and learned for the first time the effect of pushing and chronic stress can do to one's body and life.  She learned the importance of slowing down and listening to the signals our body is always giving us.  This led her to her 200-hour Interdisciplinary Yoga Certification through the Nosara Institute in September 2000.  She resigned from her corporate career the day she returned from her training, and has spent the last 16 years guiding and coaching others to greater health and well-being.  

Nina's teaching draws from the traditions of Vinyasa, Kripalu, Iyengar, Yin, and Viniyoga.  Her emphasis is on balance. Balance between alignment and flow, strength and flexibility, stillness and meditation-in-motion. Her experience and passion for helping others learn and grow is present as she guides her students to self-exploration and self-acceptance.
She is also a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Empowerment Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation practitioner and Girl's Circle Facilitator.  


Ligia Lamprea-Rodriguez

Ligia, originally from New York City left the city and a career in Design to stay at home with her now 6-year-old. Having had an exercise background in fitness,Yoga became the constant practice while parenting, and allowed her to cultivate her well-being during some of the most difficult child-rearing stages.Ligia has taught Yoga to a wide range of audiences, from adult Chi-Running marathoners to youth wrestlers, ages 5-11.

Now in her fifties, Ligia believes that a consistent Yoga practice is an essential component to a life of health and well-being. Focusing on safe body alignment, breathing, and balance, Ligia uses Yoga fundamentals to enhance anybody’s exercise regimen, from the elite athlete to the recreational practitioner. With the belief that the greatest journey is inward, she uses Gratitude as the bedrock for her life as well as her Yoga training.  

Ligia received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Wainwright House in Rye, NY, and is also certified in Yin Yoga through Corina Benner at Wake up Yoga.  

Ligia enjoys spending time with her loved ones, connecting with nature at the beach, music, art, and travel.

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Staci Zacharski


Competing in countless sports from dancing to basketball growing up, Staci always felt a strong connection to physical movement. However, after stepping foot onto a mat during her first vinyasa class in 2011, Staci discovered how movement can lead to a higher expression of not only the physical body, but of the higher self. Practicing yoga gave Staci such a strong sense of empowerment, peace, and joy that she couldn't wait to share the practice with others. Staci completed her 200 hour teacher training in December 2016 through Yogaworks and began teaching right away throughout her community -- from local studios to family and friends. Her classes are a balance of spirituality and physically with modifications to either challenge or make poses more accessible for all types and bodies. Staci feels blessed to lead a practice that has enriched her life in more ways than one. 

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Jesse Cody

Jesse’s yoga journey started in College when she took a yoga class for gym and instantly fell in love. At first it was just a fun way to exercise, but as she continued her practice, it became a self-awakening each time she stepped on her mat. Not only did she find a calm relaxation in the midst of her chaotic double major, but she also began to find inner peace and light that she had never felt before; a connection of mind, body, and soul.

After graduating and moving to CT to
pursue a circus career, Jesse came to realize she wanted to teach yoga, she received her 200 Hour Teaching Certification at Saraswati’s Yoga Joint in 2016.

Jesse’s classes are energetic, playful, and challenging. Her intention is to create a safe and fun environment where students can explore their asana practice. She focuses on maintaining alignment and connection to the breath in order to build strength, flexibility, and discover the magic and peace that yoga offers both on and off the mat.

In her spare time, you can find Jesse performing on Aerial Silks/Rope or having an AcroYoga
session with her boyfriend.